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Feiyu Tech is a world-established manufacturer of civil drones and camera support systems. We produced a significant amount of high-quality, turnkey, and custom content and tutorials for FeiyuTech’s social media platforms by a team of producers, art directors, content creators, and editors.


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Feiyu Tech

AK4500 Showcase Commercial

To establish a new image among the competitors in this fast-paced and dynamic market of videomaking, Feiyu needs distinct and eye-catching content to re-shape its identity and products. We have helped Feiyu generate more than 45 videos and over 100 photos on Instagram and YouTube.


Strategy Breakdown

Handheld camera stabilizer (a.k.a camera gimbal) is one of Feiyu’s major products for video professionals who can use it for smooth camera movement and prevent unwanted camera shake. With its target user in mind, we strategize our social media campaign to offer insights to three most popular topics among the video makers’ circle:

  • Benefits of using the product
  • Functionality
  • How to & Efficiency

Nothing is better than showcasing a real-world practice to explain the benefit and functionality of using Feiyu’s product. We made a 10-episode mini-film series to demonstrate Feiyu gimbal’s functionality, operating scenarios, and ideas behind professional techniques.

Short Film Breakdown

A short film breakdown

A short film breakdown

Tutorial: operation demonstration

Tutorial: using infographics for explanation

Tutorial: hands-on explanation

We have also created 15 episodes of video tutorials on using Feiyu’s gimbal and its advanced techniques. We tailored each episode within 3-5 minutes to precisely reach the point and prevent customers from losing valuable engagement over online surfing.


To serve Feiyu’s vision, we think social-first when creating content. Our director, who started as an influencer, has brought the secret of social-thinking into the product and helped the brand untangle the complex interplay of social media platforms.

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