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NiSi Optics is a leading manufacturer of filters used in photography, cinematography, and other professional film and photography-related products. We teamed up with NiSi to create a series of videos for their newly-released filter products.


Scripting & Producing
Directing, Casting, & Principle Filmmaking
Editing & Delivery


NiSi Optics

“The Calling” Short Film

It is no stranger to seeing a commercial made like a film (esp. called narrative commercial) during the past few decades. However, this contemporary form of advertisement has started widely emerging across all media because of the increasing popularity of the video industry. Utilizing storytelling can develop the strength of emotional connection in advertising. We use storytelling marketing as a means of using a narrative to communicate a message to the audience, hence the customers in this scenario. Written and directed by our director and influencer, Yoyo Yang, we finally crafted a narrative short film for their new products to specifically target NiSi’s customers from the professional market.

The main aim is to make the viewer aspire in order to inspire them to take action. Storytelling in marketing helps consumers understand why they should take concern about something. It can be said that a storytelling ad sometimes also works to humanize your brand. The human brain is genetically wired to love storytelling, and in today’s world of content overload, a well-told story is often a marketer’s best chance to capture the attention of their audience.

In addition, as NiSi’s products are wildly used in filmmaking and photoshoot productions, we’ve had their customers in mind since the beginning. Professionals who work with film and photography are bound to narratives and cinematic imagery, which works as their habit to perceive the media. Our short film was made under such account and delivered our message in a way they would understand.


We also made a series of demonstrations to showcase the technical aspects of their products. The test and comparison videos were made under a strictly scientific and technical procedure to accurately display the products’ advantages over other brands.

Technical Comparison Video

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