Experiencing the process of chocolate-making with Godiva’s mastermind, chef Thierry Muret


With more than 30 years of dazzling experience at Godiva, chocolatier maestro Mr. Thierry Muret enlightens us with his passion and creativity on the miracle of the world-renowned couverture. From cocoa beans to the final product, Muret has established his diamond benchmark for Godiva’s unique chocolate signature.



To many people’s surprise, making exceptional signature chocolate takes a remarkable journey from the ingredients to the sweets melted in everyone’s mouth. We took a more stylistic approach to uncover its journey. Along with the unforgettable memory with his mentor, the son of Godiva’s founder, chef Muret’s voice drives his story to the moment he discovered the essentials to complete his ideal creation, which eventually defines what Godiva’s chocolate is. With a cinematic approach, we tell the story with an arc instead of documenting the interview. Our goal is to amplify the meaning of the moving picture to better interpret chef Muret’s creative mind.


Planning & Scriptwriting
Principle Filmmaking
Editing & Delivery




L.I. Productions teamed up with Discovery Channel to film this exclusive episode for the TV show, A Kiss of Sweet, which has been exclusively aired in China. We employed cinema-grade equipment to deliver the state of art imagery and multiple camera angles to cover all the details and aspects that have been involved in the chocolate-making process.

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